Women’s writing circle

When we went into lockdown in March this year, I was days away from starting a women’s writing circle in Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol. It was to be a space where women could gather together to talk and write, to share their experiences and wisdom as women, to listen, to explore and to be heard by others. When it became clear it would not be possible to go ahead as I had planned, I briefly considered moving the group online, but there wasn’t much interest in doing this and I understand there were many reasons why that was. To be honest, for me that was the right thing too. I prefer working with people face to face. The connection that develops when we meet together as women is important to me. The trust and confidence that develops when we gather regularly I the same place is precious. These things are possible online, and indeed I have been really grateful to have been able to support my individual clients in that way during this period, but overall I feel the quality of a group interaction is entirely changed when it is not in person.

It was, of course, disappointing not to be able to get the circle started at that time but I fully intend to begin preparations to do this again when this is possible. In fact, I feel it has the potential to be a really healing space in the aftermath of the lockdown. A meaningful thing to do when we can gather together again outside our own household units. What we might share together will, of course, be changed by what we have all been through – how could it not be? But the central purpose will be the same – to gather together in a circle as women, to share our experience through writing, to explore, grow and develop alongside, and drawing strength from, each other.

If this sounds like something you would like to do, please send me an email on keylifetherapy@gmail.com now and I will add you to a list to be emailed when we know we can meet up in person. I’d also love it if you could let me know which would suit you better – an afternoon between 1 and 3 PM or an evening from 7:30 – 9:30 PM.


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