Welcome to Key Life Therapy, the home of Rachel Hawkins-Crockford, a counsellor and words for well being practitioner based in Westbury-On-Trym, Bristol.   I hope it is a place where you will find a safe space to explore your problems, life transitions and significant changes, enhance your understanding of yourself or make positive life changes.

Are you dealing with new life transitions and significant changes in personal or work relationships? Have old traumas begun resurfacing or are the symptoms of depression or anxiety suddenly presenting obstacles in the way you cope with day to day life ?  Are you feeling stressed or overwhelmed, down, depressed or low? Does life seem meaningless or pointless at the moment? Are you feel desperate or angry about things which have happened in your life? Counselling and therapy can help you explore all these feelings and process changes that are going on for you.  It can be a way of coping with some of the feelings that can go along with life change and processing heavy issues.

Whether your concerns relate to relationship problems, bereavement or loss, phobias, work issues, trauma, addiction, childhood abuse, or simply a loss of your direction in life, counselling may help you if you’re willing to really explore what’s going on for you in a safe and confidential environment.  If you feel like you’re ready to make an appointment for counselling or would like to learn more about how creative writing for therapeutic purposes might assist you, please call or text me on 07975 403 188

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I’ve been thinking about creativity a lot lately, what it means, and what it really means to live a creative life.  Put simply: to be creative is to create something. I believe that being creative is central to the human experience. We are all creative, we just don’t always recognise this in ourselves. We create things everyday – meals, solutions, … Continue reading Creativity


Lately I’ve returned to an old past-time: doodling.  It’s something I did a lot as a child and a young adult but I never knew back then that this absentminded past-time was actually good for me. What is doodling?  It’s a simple drawing, often created whilst our mind is elsewhere. A doodle can be something concrete … Continue reading Doodling

The power of your words written now

I have a particular interest in Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes (CWTP) which broadly defined means using expressive, reflective and autobiographical fiction writing as a way to gain insights about our relationships with ourselves and others, explore life transitions and to access, process and express our feelings. On a recent trip to Avebury stone circles, a place I had never … Continue reading The power of your words written now

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