Rachel Hawkins-Crockford, counselling

Hi, I’m Rachel Hawkins-Crockford, a therapist and writing for well being practitioner based in Henbury directly opposite Blaise Castle Estate. I work with a range of issues and I am particularly experienced working with grief and loss, whether that arises from a bereavement, living with a cancer diagnosis, a relationship breakdown or other significant life events.

If you’ve found yourself here, maybe you are really struggling at the moment. Perhaps you are stressed, overwhelmed, anxious or depressed. Maybe you feel distressed or angry about things that have happened in your life or recent losses. Maybe what has happened has affected your confidence and self esteem. Or perhaps you just need a place to reflect and express how you are feeling about your self and your life? Your circumstances or how you are feeling might be contributing to a sense of loneliness and isolation at this point in your life.  If this sounds like you, know you are not alone. We all reach these points at some stage in our lives of struggle, uncertainty and difficulty. It is a part of being human that sometimes we need some support or company as we come to terms with this.

Counselling can help you explore feelings like grief, anxiety, anger, desperation, isolation and loss as you deal with life’s transitions and change, whether that is personal, family or work related.  Within each of us is the key to living a fulfilling and meaningful life on our own terms and I see my role as supporting you to find and unlock that within yourself.  I won’t tell you how to live your life. I will provide a place where you can find a safe space to explore your problems for yourself, as you go through these difficult life transitions and changes, enhance your understanding of yourself and begin to make positive changes that you feel ready to make. Sometimes this will take the shape of a short set of six to ten sessions, sometimes it will be a longer open-ended working relationship. We will work out together what feels right for you.

If you feel like you’re ready to make an appointment for counselling or would like to learn more about how creative writing for therapeutic purposes might assist you, please get in contact by telephone on 07975 403 188 or email keylifetherapy@gmail.com

If you’re not ready just yet, that’s fine too. You might find it helpful to explore my blog and try out some of the resources in there for yourself.