Writing as a way of connecting to other/s: writing on Safe and Sound

Here’s a link to a poem/ article I had published on the Safe and Sound words for well being website recently. It is a personal account of how writing links me to those I love but still can’t be with now because of the changes wrought by covid-19 this year. It’s about how writing can connect us with nature, heal us, help us to see the ways in which we are inter-connected with each other and as part of the greater whole of life on earth. I hope you enjoy reading it and the Safe and Sound website as a whole – it’s a new press devoted to poetry and flash fiction that “instils a feeling of safety, ‘sound-ness’ and wellbeing in its reader”.

If you like the sound of writing for wellbeing and would like to try it for yourself in a guided group, you might like to check out my events page. The next series of sessions I am doing is an online writing circle.

You may also enjoy reading about the benefits of forests to our wellbeing here. I invite you to go wander in a forest, let yourself really know and be known by the trees, then come back home and write about it. What might that feel like? What might you learn about yourself or your world?

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