Online counselling

As we are all now physically distancing ourselves from one another, I have made the decision to move my counselling clients online. This seems the most responsible thing to do at this time. I’m lowering my fees to make them that little bit more accessible for people who are struggling financially as a result of the lockdown situation. Even so, it feels difficult to do this because I am acutely aware of how hard this time will be for a lot of people – particularly for those isolated at home alone, for those who are already struggling with anxiety, stress and other mental health conditions and for those living in abusive relationships who suddenly find themselves together 24 hours a day. I am used to supporting people in person but I am grateful that the technology gives us the opportunity to move online now that we need to. So if you need me, please still get in touch and we can book in an online appointment.

It’s important that we get whatever support we need to get us through this time, we need to do this for ourselves and to look after the ones we love. And its been wonderful to see so many people reaching out to those in need in our communities. It may be that you’re doing ok right now because there’s a lot of information out there about what we can do to support ourselves and each other. The Mental Health Foundation has a lot of great resources, including this covid19 specific one.

And here are a couple of ideas we’ve implemented in our house:

  • It is more important than ever to remain in contact with people socially – by telephone or online, even by old-fashioned post. Why not send a postcard to someone you know who is elderly and having to self-isolate for the forseeable future? Let them know you are thinking of them and I bet it will make their day seem that little bit brighter.
  • Keep a pandemic journal, highlighting what has been more difficult and, conversely, what has been good or special in each day. In ten, twenty or thirty years time you are going to look back and remember this time, you’re going to be telling the younger generation ‘I lived through the Great Pandemic of 2019/2020′. It’ll be that much more special to have some diary entries to share with them. You’ll probably enjoy looking back on them too. And it will help your well-being right now to write about what’s going on – both processing the difficult stuff and noticing the good stuff are equally important. Again, today we’ve gone old-school in our house using physical diaries and drawing and writing in them.

Whatever you do, look after yourself, stay connected with others, keep safe and follow government guidelines. Together, we will all get through this.


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