some word bones for National Poetry Day

We have been walking each day in the woods near where we live. We feel the season changing and each day we quietly observe the differences in the woods and the sky. We talk of great things and also inconsequential trivia. We are often silent and listen to the birds. Our favourite is the blackbird who scuttles across our path. Some mornings the squirrels throw acorns at us and it feels like they are trying to get our attention, not telling us to scram from their trees! We share with them our love for this wood, for this small and familiar part of the world around us, and for poetry.

This poem, a collection of simple words like the bones of this experience strung together into a body, is the best I could do today to describe the black birds, the woods and the sky as I feel it in the mornings. I wanted to capture it for National Poetry Day. In writing it, my sense of connection to this place and those I walked with was a powerful, healing balm at the end of a long working day. Poetry is like that – healing us, connecting us, giving us a chance to express our thoughts and feelings, bringing us into contact with the wild, world that is inside us.


dark woods

sure path

foot fall


forty four

our footsteps





we rustle

bark wood

humid layers

mushroom mud

the whole earth

we walk


and return

the sky




it is

an ocean

dark shadow




a lifespan

just here

where we can see it

in the middle

of all things

a feather




a miracle of drift

like mana

falling to the road

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