How do you take care of yourself?

We all need to look after ourselves, even if it is only in order to help us support other people in our lives.  When life gets chaotic or we feel as if we are overwhelmed by everything, it is important to have a number of go-to strategies to look after ourselves. Those things that help us feel better and enable us to manage our day to day life. Personally, I like to get out into nature by walking outdoors.  It’s my number one method of self-care and it requires no extra equipment, unless a raincoat is required by the weather. Getting out under the sky, walking in a wood and feeling their ancient presence, or walking by a beach on a wild day – all these things help me put into perspective my small worries or the frustrations of a day that didn’t quite go as planned.

Other things that you can try are:

  • having a warm, relaxing bath;
  • talking to a friend who makes you feel good;
  • writing it all down in a journal;
  • yoga or meditation;
  • visiting a special place – maybe a museum or gallery or perhaps an old haunt from childhood.

Of course there are times when we just can’t do it alone and we need the support of others. If you’re feeling that way, counselling is one option that might help get you started on your path to caring for yourself. If you are interested in exploring that option, I am happy to offer you my help and you can find more details about me here.


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