I love Autumn, its a time of change and reflection

Avebury Autumn TreeI love Autumn, it’s a beautiful time of year. And its a time when I find myself turning inward and reflecting on things more as the days and nights begin to get colder. I’ve been particularly aware of the changes going on around me this month, which is made physically manifest as the leaves begin to change colour and fall in the natural world outside. The seasons move on and we cannot change that but we can decide how we want to be with that change.

How are you feeling about Autumn and the season’s change? Perhaps you too are reflecting in a similar way or experiencing change in yourself and the world around you – new life transitions, significant changes in personal or work relationships, old traumas resurfacing, or symptoms of depression or anxiety suddenly presenting obstacles in the way you cope with day to day life?

Maybe you are even considering trying something new and engaging in therapy. This can be a difficult decision, even scary, but perhaps it is a change you feel you are ready to make. Counselling can be a way of coping with some of the feelings that can go along with life change, a way of processing heavy issues and opening up new awarenesses, a way of deciding how we want to be as we go forward.


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