Exploring freedom through writing at the Flamingo Centre

There are a couple of places left on my writing for wellbeing workshops at The Flamingo Centre, if you’re interested in a place please contact me or have a look on my Facebook page.

This Saturday we’ll be exploring freedom in the writing exercises: What does being free mean to you? For me, it’s walking barefoot on a beach with nothing else to do, it’s being free to do the things I want to do in my everyday life. Sometimes its about economic freedom because we can’t always afford to do what we want to do. Sometimes we feel locked into unhappy job or life situations. And if you were locked in a prison, maybe freedom might mean something else to you? Perhaps then it might have something to do with freedom of thought and ideas. There are many different aspects to freedom.

This workshop involves gentle, guided exercises using poems and other prompts, to explore our own ideas about freedom through our writing. Do get in touch if you’re interested.

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