Facilitated reflective and expressive writing group from January 2021

Counsellor and writing for wellbeing practitioner based in Bristol, UK.

An exploratory writing group for counsellors and therapists

Although reflection and reflexivity may be grounded in our personal, individual practices of reflecting on our experiences and learning from them, it can add another dimension to do so in a group with others who are similarly interested in adding to their own personal and professional development. I know from my own experience that in writing creatively and expressively in a group, sharing and reflecting on what we have written, we can develop a practice of intense or deep listening, both to what is revealed to us in our own words written in the moment and what is revealed in what others in the group have heard when we share our writing.

What I’m offering is to facilitate the reflective writing group, including co-creating a working agreement between us, coordinating the monthly meetings and using my skills as a writing for wellbeing practitioner to provide structure and some expressive writing practices to get us started.

If you are looking for a practice to enhance your personal wellbeing or would like to explore how writing creatively and expressively might enable you to gain a different perspective on your professional practice, then this group might be for you.

The cost is £10 per monthly session, payable in six monthly blocks.

If you would be interested in joining me from January 2021, please get in touch now.