Confidentiality Policy

(updated January 2023)

I am committed to maintaining the highest standards of confidentiality in all of my work in order to ensure the safety and well-being of my clients.  I provide a confidential service which means that what is discussed between yourself and myself remains confidential, except as set out below. 

All counsellors are required to have regular clinical supervision and I may discuss our work together with my supervisor or peer supervisors in this context.

In addition, your contact details will be available to the executor of my clinical will, in order that they can contact you in the event that I die or am incapacitated in some other way so that I cannot contact you myself.

Exceptions to confidentiality:

There are certain circumstances under which I may need to talk to other professionals or disclose information to third parties.  These are as follows:

  • In order to prevent or lessen a serious threat to yourself or another’s safety.
  • If there is a child protection issue.  That is, if you tell me about a child or children who are being abused or neglected or who are at risk of being abused or neglected.
  • If there is an allegation or reasonable suspicion of a vulnerable adult who is, or is at risk of, being abused or neglected.
  • If I am required to do so by the terms of a court order.
  • If I am required by law to disclose information in connection with a police investigation.
  • If I am required by law for any other reason to do so, including in relation to the requirements of money-laundering, trafficking or anti-terrorism legislation.

Your client notes are confidential, however, you should be aware that they could be viewed by a court, lawyers or police if part of legal investigations or proceedings.

Should I need to break confidentiality, I will endeavour to seek your consent, unless I am prohibited from doing so by the relevant law.