New Bereavement Groups starting in 2021

Struggling with the death of a loved one? Feeling lost, alone, isolated? Wondering if the way you feel is normal? Or how you will get through this? In a bereavement group you will connect with other bereaved people and learn about grief together.

Ten week bereavement group
Facilitated by Rachel Hawkins-Crockford and Gina Simeonova    
If this sounds like something you feel might be helpful to you right now, please get in touch with me via email:

We are offering a ten week bereavement group where you can meet with other bereaved people and speak about your loss in a safe environment where you know its ok to talk openly about how you’re feeling right now.

This is a therapeutic group for people who have had a bereavement at least six months ago. You will learn about the process of grieving from two counsellors who are experienced in working with grief and loss and through the process of sharing with others who are having similar experiences to you. At the moment we will be offering the group online via zoom.

The first step is to attend an assessment session to find out if the group is the right thing for you. This will take the form of an hour long session with either Gina or Rachel which will benefit you even if you decide not to go ahead with attending a group at this time. We will ask some questions to help us get to know you and your needs and you will have the opportunity to tell your story one to one with a trained counsellor, ask any questions and see whether you would like to work with us in a group setting.
Assessment session: £25

Ten week group: £150 (can be paid in three installments)


Rachel is a counsellor in private practice and runs regular writing for wellbeing groups and workshops. She is experienced supporting bereaved people.


Gina is currently training as a psychotherapist specialising in Transactional Analysis. She is experienced working with bereaved people both one to one and group setting.